About the Urban Vision Minerals and Waste Planning Team

Urban Vision's Minerals and Waste Planning team was formerly known as the Greater Manchester Geological Unit (GMGU). GMGU was established in 1986 as a joint arrangement between the ten Greater Manchester district authorities to offer advice on all earth science and minerals and waste planning issues.

GMGU was managed on behalf of the ten AGMA authorities by Salford City Council.

In September 2006, GMGU transferred into Urban Vision Partnership Ltd, a joint venture company previously established with Capita Symonds to provide Salford's planning and other environmentally related services.

GMGU was renamed as the Minerals and Waste Planning Team and provides minerals and waste planning support to the ten GM authorities.

The services to authoritries include providing specialist support and advice on minerals and waste policies and specialist development control support in respect of minerals and waste planning applications.

The team also undertakes minerals and waste planning work outside of Greater Manchester.

The Minerals and Waste Planning Team had the role of project management in production of the Waste Plan. They undertook all aspects of plan production and consultation and acted on behalf of the ten Greater Manchester authorities.

The production of the plan was overseen by the AGMA Joint Minerals Plan Committee supported by a Steering Group of officers with representative from each of the ten districts.

The Joint Committee was represented by lead Members for planning from each of the ten authorities. The Joint Committee had power to approve the plan up to Publication and was delegated to approve any minor changes following examination by each of the 10 Greater Manchester Full Councils.



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