Last Updated 18/01/2017


All planning authorities are required to produce and publish an  Authority Monitoring Report (AMR).

The requirement for a local authority to produce an Authority Monitoring Report is set out in Section 113 of the Localism Act 2011. The period report should cover a period of no more than 12 months.

The Greater Manchester Waste Plan provides the planning framework for waste across the ten Greater manchester Authorities. Monitoring of this report is currently undertaken by the Minerals and Waste Planning Unit on behalf of AGMA. The Monitoring Report for this plan forms part of each individual district monitoring reports.

The 2016 monitoring can be found here

The previous report for 2015 can be found here

A report will be produced by the Waste Planning Team and this will be incorporated into each districts Authority Monitoring Report.

Links to the AMR of each individual Authority can be found below :

Bolton AMR

Bury AMR

Manchester AMR

Oldham AMR

Rochdale AMR

Salford AMR

Stockport AMR

Tameside AMR

Trafford AMR

Wigan AMR



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