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Project Plan The project plan has been prepared to provide a step-by-step guide to producing the JWDPD. It draws on guidance published by the ODPM, signposting other relevant and useful documents and providing recommendation on sequencing and methods of tasks that need to be undertaken. It should be read in conjunction with relevant legislation, regulations and national policy statements to ensure correct preparation of the JWDPD.
September 2006
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Strategy The strategy establishes the overall aims and objectives of the JWDPD, providing guidance and recommendations for its production. It makes reference to the context within which the JWDPD is to be produced, including national and regional policy requirements; the plan preparation arrangements of each of the ten authorities; and the existence of two waste disposal authorities and recognition of their municipal waste management strategies. It also identifies risks to production of the JWDPD and how these can be managed so as not to delay its successful delivery.
September 2006
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Consultation Strategy Eco and ERM were commissioned to produce this.The Consultation Strategy sets out the various methods for community and stakeholder engagement associated with the plan preparation. It has been prepared in conformity with each of the ten Greater Manchester (GM) Authority's Statements of Community Involvement (SCIs) as well as the legal requirements of the regulations.
September 2006
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Topic Papers The topic papers are intended to provide a background to the JWDPD, each one is focussed on an area important for the development of the issues and options and have enabled stakeholders to engage with baseline information prior to stakeholder events.
September 2006
Topic Paper 1

Topic Paper 2

Topic Paper 3

Topic Paper 4

Topic Paper 5
Needs Assessment In identifying the need for new waste management facilities, it is important to gain as accurate a picture as possible of current waste arisings and capacity of existing permitted waste management facilities within the Greater Manchester area.
In assessing the need for new waste management facilities in Greater Manchester, and to assist the preparation of the JWDPD a Needs Assessment has been prepared by consultants Urban Mines to review existing waste arisings and capacity data and predict future requirements. The report provides the most up to date assessment based on all available data for waste arising within the Greater Manchester Area.
The needs assessment model has been constructed to create a level of detail and consistency that has not been previously available to the Greater Manchester Authorities. The model provides an understanding of waste management, in terms of who is producing the waste, the material streams (i.e. Municipal Solid Waste, Commercial & Industrial waste etc) and the waste management destinations. The model also includes data on which materials have the potential for recycling or energy recovery by waste stream and producing sector.
The Needs Assessment report will form a fundamental element of the evidence for the JWDPD.
December 2007
Needs Assessment
Regional Waste Studies As part of the evidence base for the Needs Assessment, two key regional studies into Commercial and Industrial waste (C&I), and Construction and Demolition waste (C&D) have been used. These studies were undertaken jointly with adjoining Minerals and waste Planning Authorities within the North West, The Environment Agency, and the North West Regional Technical Advisory Body (RTAB).
May/July 2007
Study to fill Evidence Gaps for Commercial & Industrial Waste Streams in the North West Region of England (May 2007)

Study to fill the evidence gaps for Construction, Demolition and Excavation Waste streams in the North West region of England (July 2007)


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