The association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) agreed to produce a Joint Waste Development Plan Document (the 'Waste Plan') in 2006. AGMA consist of all ten Greater Manchester Authorities.

The Waste Plan forms part of each Authority's statutory development plan and runs from 2012 to 2027.

The purpose of the Waste Plan is to set out a waste planning strategy to 2027 which enables the adequate provision of waste management facilities in appropriate locations for municipal, commerical, industrial, construction, demolition and hazardous wastes.

The Waste Plan includes a set of development management policies which assist in the consideration of waste planning applications and includes a set of plans identifying the potential locations of future waste management facilities within each of the ten Local Planning Authorities.

The Waste Plan was produced by the Minerals and Waste Planning Unit (part of Urban Vision) on behalf of each Authority.

A Joint Committee was established to act as an Executive, with responsibility for approval of the Waste Plan and accompanying documents up to publication and adoption, at which point the Waste Plan was agreed by each Authority's Full Council.


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