Risk Assessment

Every effort will be made to ensure that the programme set out for the JWDPD will be fulfilled, but clearly there are various risks to different aspects of it. The following table identifies these possible risks, the problems that could ensue and the mitigation measures that might be taken to alleviate them.

Mitigation Measure
Programme slippage Key milestones may not be met, delaying the delivery of the JWDPD GMGU have identified the resource requirements of producing the plan and have recruited staff to assist with this. In addition, consultants have been contracted to ensure delivery of key documents required for the preparation of the JWDPD.
Staff absence/ Turnover May leave the JWDPD under resourced and delay production Staff will be drawn from the planning team within GMGU. Allocation of responsibility across the planning team will ensure consistency in the absence/loss of a member of staff. There is a recognised difficulty in recruiting experienced waste planners; therefore emphasis can be based on experience and knowledge of the development plan system.
Political Delay Due to the unique nature of the production arrangement of this JWDPD, it is required to gain approval at key stages through the 10 authorities. Therefore there is the risk that key dates may not be met due to timings of Full Council meetings The Joint Committee and the JWDPD Steering Group have been established to ensure that political commitment from each authority is gained from the outset and to raise the importance of meeting key dates for council approval.
General Election During 2009, no elections are proposed, this means that we can take reports for approval and carry out consultation during April, which normally would not be the case. However, if a general election where to be held this could interrupt the production of the JWDPD if it where to occur during a proposed period of consultation, effectively delaying the process until the elections was over. This risk is unknown at present. A general election is required to take place by May 2010, therefore it is impossible to know when this will be called, and what time in the year it may be held. This therefore, is a risk which is out of the control of the Joint Committee, Steering Group and the GMGU.
One or more Authorities withdraws from the Joint Working arrangements An authority may choose to withdraw from the arrangements to produce the JWDPD as a result of change of circumstances or as a result of disagreements occurring regarding plan production Every effort will be made to maintain good working relations throughout plan production. However where an authority chooses to withdraw from joint working arrangements, the established Local Agreement allows the remaining authorities to reserve the right to continue to work together to develop a JWDPD for the remaining sub-region area.


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