Role and Subject

The JWDPD will:

- Set out the vision and spatial objectives relating to waste for the Greater Manchester area;

- Develop the main policies and broad framework for implementation and monitoring;

- Detail how the Planning Authorities will meet their contribution to delivering the identified needs of the region for all waste streams, within acceptable social, economic and environmental parameters.

- Set out how waste management will be considered alongside other spatial concerns, recognising the positive contribution waste management can make to the development of sustainable communities;

- Plan for the provision of new capacity based on clear policy objectives, robust analysis of available data and information, and an appraisal of options;

- Include a key diagram detailing sites identified within the plan area, and a set of 10 inset maps, one for each district, to be included within their individual proposals maps; and

- Set out detailed criteria based and site specific policies for the plan area.



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